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The Management Modules of 360IMS

September 22, 2021
The Management Modules of 360IMS

In our last blog, we shared the benefits of 360IMS and how managing your inventory is now hassle-free and today we talk more about the seven (7) modules of 360IMS. As we continue to look at new and innovative ways to adjust to this new normal, there is a greater need to manage changing business environments whilst still meeting the needs and demands of our suppliers and customers.  

The seven modules of 360IMS are: 

Product Management Module 

The Product Management module is where all the items used from the Product Database are entered i.e., raw materials and final product. 

The listing of products can be imported from an external source such as an accounting software or manually entered in the application or a combination of both methods thereby providing the user with an extensive product listing. 

The Product Management module contains all the pertinent data for each product such as: 

  • Name of Product
  • Product Details
  • Product Image 
  • Unit Price 
  • SKU 
  • Stock Quantity 
  • Stock Threshold 
  • When the stock threshold limit is reached an automated email notification is sent to the relevant manager to initiate the re-order process. 

Vendor Management Module 

The Vendor Management module mimics a digital ‘Vendor Directory’. 

In this module, all critical information for each vendor can be found. Additionally, any new vendors can easily be added to the database and or vendor details edited. 

Some key vendor details captured are: 

  • Vendor Name 
  • Registered Name 
  • Contact Name 
  • Contact Email 
  • Contact Number 
  • Contact Address 

Vehicle Management Module 

The Vehicle Management module allows for the scheduling, monitoring, and management of the distribution and collection of products. 

Thus, ensuring drivers are zoned based on geolocation, thus saving time and money. 360IMS also ensures companies have complete oversight of their daily / monthly activities to manage their fleets. 

For example, the 360IMS solution provides a detailed record of the stock loaded on each vehicle and confirmation of delivery. This information is also logged in the system and can assist with the coordination of deliveries in specific geolocations. 

Pick-Up Management Module 

The Pick-up Management module seamlessly integrates with the Vehicle Management module to ensure drivers’ schedules are coordinated and drivers are efficient in the execution of their duties. 

An employee raises a pick-up request for: 

  • Customer Returns 
  • Collection of Purchased Items 
  • Collection of Items sent for maintenance and or repair. 

Stores Management Module 

The Stores Management module monitors and manages the exchange of raw materials and manufactured goods between the warehouse and manufacturing department. 

In this module users shall be able to: 

  • Request raw material(s) for manufacturing-based of stock requirements. 
  • Track and monitor the verification and approval processes of quantities transfers, transfer deficits and thresholds. 
  • Request transfers of finished products to the warehouse for distribution to customers 
  • Monitor and manage the receipt of purchased goods and raw materials. 
  • Generate real-time reports and historical reports detailing trends over time. 

Sales Management Module 

The Sales Management module schedules, monitors and manages the sales request raised, deliveries completed on a daily / monthly basis. 

This module allows the manufacturing team to forecast production needs based on a request made. Additionally, it ensures that the warehouse’s pick-ups and deliveries are well coordinated and efficient. 

This module: 

  • Monitors and manages sales orders raised by the Sales Department. These orders are raised by text, email, phone call, or through a walk-in customer. The Sales Department will capture all key data to ensure efficiencies such as customer name, delivery/pick-up date, time, and location. 
  • Monitors and manages the partial and or full delivery of items to customers. 
  • Ensures that the Sales Department has real-time access to stock quantities. 
  • Ensures that the warehouse team is notified of pending sales requests. This ensures the products are prepped and ready for collection or delivery to a client, 
  • Integrates with the Vehicle Management module to ensure delivery efficiency and to ensure resources are maximized. 

Requisition Management Module 

The Requisition Management module is used by staff to raise request for products and or services needed for their department. 

  • Departments can raise requisitions for the purchase of products or services. 
  • Departments can action emergent purchases. This function allows departments to circumvent standard purchase protocols and procure goods and services the same day. 
  • This module can generate Purchase Orders (POs) for each requisition created. 

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