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A Fully Integrated
Digital Business Eco-system

A Business Process
Management Tool

What We Do


Our C-Suite tools is a set of strategic management performance metrics used to identify and improve various internal business functions and their resulting outcomes …

Business Operations 

Our Business Operations services are a proactive approach to ICT infrastructure management. ​Its predefined parameters are established and monitored 24/7 …

Digital Business Eco-Systems

This is the integration of digital  technology into all areas of a business, it increases collaboration, changing how you operate and deliver value​ …

Who We Are

We believe technology used effectively can assist any Small or Medium Enterprise in achieving their strategic objective. Our strategy is building long-term business partnerships, understanding the business strategy and delivering technology that enables their seamless growth . We utilize strategic and operational ICT tools, to assist in delivering these objectives.
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What They Say

800 TECH became our provider for Information Technology Services in June 2012, and quickly proved themselves as a reliable and professional service provider. They are charged with the responsibility of ensuring our business systems are performing optimally and ensuring that we consistently have the appropriate tools required for growth.

The breath and depth of the knowledge of their staff enables them to consistently implement complex projects with a high degree of success.

Seamus Clarke

Managing Director, Ark Outsourcing Ltd

What is one tool/app/service that has transformed the EXIMBANK?

It is important that I shoutout our current service provider, which is 800 TECH. One reason I’d like to highlight them is that part of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association’s (TTMA) new strategy, which was launched on June 3, is “Buy Local”, and they are our local partner and are an MSME themselves. They have rallied to get us enabled on the Microsoft suite of products, specifically MS Teams and Sharepoint.

Narvin Dookeran


Their expertise spans into the Business Process Re-engineering arena. Our company enlisted 800 TECH to assist us with our drive to improve the operational efficiency of our Purchasing and Warehouse functions through a full overhaul of both departments. This project has led to reduced costs, improved processes, better collaboration of teams to name a few.
Nicole Bellamy

Manager, Finance & Administration, Resin Converters Limited