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A Business Process Management Tool
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E-Flow BPM

E-Flow BPM Everything You Need
For Simpler and Faster Processes

Forget Operational Faults and Increase Your Efficiency with E-Flow. Some of the processes that you can design with E-Flow…

  • Document Approval
  • Invoice and E-Invoice Approval
  • Purchasing Demand Approval
  • Leave Demand
  • Sales Follow-up
  • Production
  • Advance Demand
  • HR Process Approval
  • Reporting Costs
  • Reporting Followed Works
  • Order Approval
  • Planning Follow-up

Distinctive Features

Easy Usage

Firms can use E-Flow easily with the user-friendly and understandable interfaces.

Instant Notification

You can receive instant and smartly designed notifications about your processes.

Low Cost

You can observe the efficiency increase of your business after starting to use E-Flow. You can measure the decrease in your costs.

Reporting and Analysis

You can create specific report screens where you can carry out process analysis. You can access to the screen designs where you can get instant information.


Strong Integration

You can get integrated with applications such as Logo, Netsis, Dia, Mikro, Sap, Office 365 through ready integration components.

Remote Connection

The only thing you need to have an Internet connection to connect to E-Flow and manage your works easily anywhere.

Compatibility with Web and Mobile

Experience the ease of instant access to all processes. You can access to the data from multiple devices and benefit from the ease of using web and mobile simultaneously.

Meet E-Flow

From the moment you decide to digitalize your business processes, Netoloji team and business partners will be there for you with installation, training, documentation, tele support service and all digital communication channels.

You can design your processes in a fast manner and with fun and start using instantly thanks to No-code E-Flow BPM. All you can become an E-Flow Citizen Designer.

How Can E-Flow Help Your Company?

  • Increased efficiency
  • Accountability
  • On-Time Completion of Tasks
  • Taking overdue tasks under control
  • Ability to monitor all company processes from a single point

E-Flow Packages

On Premises SaaS
No software package required
5 lic
10 lic
20 lic
40 lic
50 lic
70 lic
100 lic
125 lic
200 lic
500 lic
1000 lic

E-Flow Demo

E-Flow BPM Cloud

You can switch to E-Flow BPM cloud application immediately without occupying space on your servers in your business. You can experience the comfort of using reliable, fast and current version.

You can purchase or rent E-Flow. The service offered in the cloud is an agile and secure way. Companies that use E-Flow over the cloud always use it with the current version.

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