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360Suite gives companies the opportunity to exceed their own expectations by taking advantage of the opportunities technology provides to increase operational efficiency, streamline processes, boost productivity and increase market reach.

At 800TECH we remove the burden often felt by SMEs that want to infuse technology into their operations but don’t think they have the capacity or time to dedicate to this venture. As digital transformation ambassadors we bridge the gap between traditional mindsets and the digital world.

Business Process

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is a critical process that involves the analysis of company workflows, identification of processes that do not add value, and either remove or redefine them​. ​This process ensures workflows are accurate, efficient and add value before its digitized.

What is the value of Business Process Re-engineering?

It increases productivity​ by the removal of bottlenecks, introduction of parallel processing, and elimination of redundancy​. Creates more efficiency & reduced risk​ while creating better-designed, executed and monitored processes which can help reduce the risk of fraud. ​ 

It also encourages compliance & transparency​ to ensure that organizations implement regulatory requirements quickly, thereby preventing delays in compliance and any associated fines

360Suite - Business Productivity Tools

A Comprehensive Human Resource Management Solution (HRM) that is used to aggregate employee data within an organization.

An Inventory Management Solution (IMS) enables organizations to track inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries.

A Payroll Management Solution (PMS) enables organizations to monitor and manage an employee’s financial records. These records include salaries, deductions, net pay and the generation of pay-slips for each pay period.

A Recruitment Management Solution (RMS) designed to manage the recruiting process. It is a core human resource application enabling greater management and efficiency for both recruiters and job seekers.

A Customer Relationship Management Solution assist in build a database of each client’s information. This information can aid in building stronger relationships and help in marketing and managerial decisions.

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