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An online recruitment solution
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360RMS is an online recruitment solution that seamlessly integrates with our 360HRM (Human Resource Management) solution to provide an all-encompassing online recruitment experience.

It initiates the recruitment process from the Employee Requisition stage and concludes at the hiring stage of the successful applicant.

This solution facilitates:

  • Online job posting via your website, social media platform, or recruitment agency
  • Engagement between the potential applicant and the Human Resource Department
  • Real-time monitoring and management of all recruits’ activities on the platform
  • A data repository for all applicants’ personal information
  • Provision of a historical job listing

Benefits of 360RMS

  • Eliminates Data Redundancy – eliminates the tedious task of entering the same information multiple times. Thus, ensuring data integrity, data accuracy, and reduced time wastage. Additionally, facilitating seamless onboarding of new employees.
  • Increase Communication Efficiency – it facilitates quick updates and response time to communicate effectively with your team and potential applicants.
  • Improves Productivity – the traditional recruitment process limits productivity because personnel would need access to the paperwork. When the entire recruitment process resides online, there are no limitations to completing and expediting the process. Online access increases the users’ reach.
  • Streamline Data Collection – with improved reach when using an online recruitment solution, data can be obtained from any geo-location and varying online sources such as the company’s website and or social media platforms. This data is efficiently collated and analysed.
  • Complete Automation – this solution eliminates manual processes. Tasks that are typically manual such as interviews and letters of acceptance and rejection are digitized and become part of the 360RMS system.
  • Accessible 24/7 – traditional recruitment processes are usually available only during work hours. 360RMS recruits as well as HR have unlimited access to the application. Thus, increasing productivity, reducing consumable wastage, and allowing accelerated responses to applicants.

Employee Requisition Module

The Employee Requisition module assists businesses to find the right talent and facilitates the seamless interaction between department heads and the HR department. Recruitment is never an easy process; thus, the Employee Requisition Management module was created to enable organizations to maintain a database of applicants, track and manage job openings, and more. The easier it is to manage and access candidate information, the faster job openings can be filled. faster job openings can be filled.

In this module users will be able to:

  • Request positions to be filled
  • Approve positions to be filled
  • Create criteria for the job posting based on job summary, qualifications, competency, experiences, knowledge, and abilities

Onboarding Module

The Onboarding module monitors and manages the job posting activity, interview process, and onboarding of the successful applicant.

In this module users will be able to:

  1. Schedule deadline dates for the submission of applications
  2. Alert potential applicants when the job posting is closed
  3. Receive real-time updates of new applicants with all relevant details attached
  4. Shortlist applicants and schedule interview dates and time
  5. Create and store all interviewee questions in the application
  6. Monitor and manage the entire process from inception to completion online
  7. Monitored and manage the interview process online. The interviewers’ scores are collated, and an average score is presented
  8. Present the applicants’ rank in graphical and tabular format
  9. Email notifications to Successful/unsuccessful applicants


The Dashboard provides at a glance, all required information to apply for a position.

It provides the platform for the user to create and edit their profile, upload relevant documents, view job listings, and apply for jobs.

The Dashboard module consist of 4 key components:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Education Information
  3. Employment Information
  4. Attachments

Candidates can enter all their personal information in the above 4 categories. Additionally, they can attach their resume, photo, and certificates. The Dashboard allows candidates to create a profile that stores all pertinent data. The seamless integration between 360RMS and 360HRM allows the HR department to be immediately notified and view a new candidate’s information.

All Open Jobs

The All-Open Jobs module provides a listing of all available jobs and their specifications. The user can view the details and apply for the job from within this module.

Additionally, the user can view their profile and manage their account.

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