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360 HRM

A Comprehensive Human Resource Management System
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360 HRM

360HRM is our Human Resource Management application that is used to aggregate employee data within your organization. 

The integrated workflows and collaborative approach allow for ease of data retrieval which is used to generate real-time data analytics.

It consists of seven key modules, where each module is customized based on the needs of your organization. Customization is achieved during the Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) exercise.  During this exercise, each client’s culture and business processes are carefully assessed. This information is harnessed and utilized to create business specific workflows and to ensure the transition of company culture while ensuring policy compliance.

The brilliance of 360HRM is its intuitive user-friendly interface which minimizes the learning curve for employees. All modules are fully customizable, enabling a smooth digital transition bridging the gap between familiarity of forms, workflows, and reporting guidelines. The flexibility created within each of the seven modules makes for an amazing user experience:

360HRM Employee Management module simplifies the management of employee’s data. It securely captures and accesses all sensitive employee data from anywhere in the world.

 Consisting of crucial work-related and important personal information about each employee. In a nutshell, it is an online inventory of an employee’s life cycle within your organization.

This robust module enables:

  • Employee onboarding.
  • Research employee history
  • Modification of employee records
  • Off-boarding employees at the end of their work history.

Incident Management – is the process of identification, analysis, and implementing corrective actions to prevent future re-occurrences.

Managed incorrectly, incidents can quickly escalate into disaster including loss of life. Our incident management module limits the potential of disruption caused by events. Without effective incident management, an incident can disrupt vital business functions or damage critical human resources. In most organizations’ incidents are a regular occurrence, how you manage these incidents are critical in ensuring these events don’t become disruptive to your business.

Our incident management module has been carefully coded to:

  • Capture new incident with supporting documents
  • Track and report on workplace incidents
  • Monitor departmental incident metrics
  • Create a repository of knowledge for risk assessment
  • Mitigate against future risk.

Employee Requisition Management – Finding the right talent is a key component in ensuring your business strategy.

Recruitment is never an easy process; it can be time consuming but essential to finding the right fit for business. Therefore, we created the Employee Requisition Management system which enables organizations to maintain a database of applicants, track and manage job openings, and more. The easier it is to manage and access candidate information, the faster job openings will be filled.

In the Leave Management module, what we have taken into consideration is the different ways in which vacation can be accumulated.

In some companies, vacation is accumulated based on the hierarchical structure in the organization, the more senior you are in a company the more vacation you are entitled to. Therefore, the vacation leave component is structured to facilitate these differences. In other organizations vacation is based on longevity, the longer you have been employed with the company, the more vacation you are entitled to, therefore the module will be customized to suit a longevity environment. And finally, in some organizations, there is a fixed amount of vacation, and that construct is also coded into the fabric of the application.

The productivity of any organization hinges heavily on how it manages the leave of its employees. 360HRM Leave Management system simplifies the management of your employee’s. It allows the organization to manage employee time-off, setup leave policies, and track the status of leave requests inclusive of supporting documents.

Overtime Management is one of those crucial functions that can have an adverse effect on profitability if not managed well.

360 HRM Overtime Management module packs a heavy punch in creating a structure for tracking employee overtime requests and approvals. The data derived from Overtime Management reports provide key insight into an organization’s decisions.

Performance Management – Retaining great employees is just the first step in growing your business.

Providing feedback so they can grow with the organization and become part of the culture is equally important. 360 HRM Performance Management module allows your organization to track performance and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI). This module assists in creating a robust workforce that suits the demands of the organization.

This scientific tool is used to measure employees overall impact based on key performance indicators. It is also a critical benchmarking instrument which signals when retooling and retraining may become necessary to bring employees back into alignment with the vision and mission.

Security Management – As with any structured application we have created the admin center where all users within the organization are administered.

The Security Management module is the core of the 360HRM employee permissions are administered in tandem with organization HR policies and org structure.

The authorization groups and effective permissions are as follows:

  • Executive – All aspects of 360HRM
  • Management – Management of Departmental subordinates & Reports
  • Supervisor – Management of employees
  • Employee – Leave, Performance management (other levels as directed by management)

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