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April 21, 2021

How To Support Hybrid Teams Using 360HRM

This week, we continue our conversation about 360HRM and supporting hybrid teams utilizing 360HRM modules. In our last blog, we shared 3 modules of 360HRM and showed you how to increase productivity and efficiency in your business 

In this blog, we discuss 4 more modules and how they can help support your organization. 

Performance Management - hybrid teams utilizing 360HRM


The Performance Management module is something that most of our clients want. It is a critical module for most organizations who find it challenging to manage and monitor milestones, KPIs and deliverables. More so during these unprecedented times because now we have the rotation of staff and shift systems taking place. This performance management module, therefore, allows managers and supervisors to detail in a meaningful way all the KPIs they would like their staff to address, and the timelines it should be addressed in. Even more importantly, this information is shared easily with the staff which they can quickly review, and that’s very key. Managers and supervisors can now score their staff and provide detailed information to understand the organization’s expectations. 

Leave Management - hybrid teams utilizing 360HRM


Our Leave Management module is another key module. This is critical to all organizations and provides real-time awareness of staff attendance. In some environments, when an employee applies for leave, they go on leave and return, while their form is still sitting somewhere on somebody’s desk. This module eliminates that bottleneck. It ensures that those forms reach the appropriate persons, whether it’s a supervisor or the manager, in the required amount of time so that they can act as quickly as possible. request can be accepted or declined through simple email notifications.

Security Module - hybrid teams utilizing 360HRM


The Security Module is key in ensuring access and permissions for users of the application. An employee that has access to the program will only be able to view the modules management permits. Thus, ensuring data confidentiality is maintained.   

Overtime Management Module - hybrid teams utilizing 360HRM


 The Overtime Management module does not speak to overtime in terms of time and a half, double-time, and triple time. Those aspects are found within the payroll application (360PMS), which is separate from the 360HRM modules.  

The overtime module focuses specifically on the subsistence that should be allocated to employees. In some environments, once an employee works overtime, there’s a stipend that must be afforded to them for dinner or lunch or breakfast, in the context of their shift. This is captured in the Overtime Subsistence module, and then it’s factored into their monthly remuneration.

The module captures this information because managers and directors want to know: 

  1. How much are we spending on overtime?   
  2. Are we spending more money paying salaries and subsistence than is being generated during the overtime?  

This module provides reports with valuable information that is necessary for the managers to make key decisions. Managers can now decide whether overtime is required for a particular project. It also informs them as to the reason behind the overtime.  

  1. Perhaps staff has worked a full eight hours of work and are now focused on a new project.  
  2. Perhaps it may be a situation where five minutes before the employees close off the day, a client comes in with a very large order.  

This happens all the time in manufacturing companies, for example. If this order is critical, then the employees would be working overtime to fulfill the client’s request.   

The Overtime Module captures this information which can then be highlighted in a report. The managers and directors receive this report and it informs how they treat overtime and measure the money that they’re spending against the money that they are recouping during the overtime process.  

These are the final four modules that 360HRM. In our next blog, we will talk about the benefits of 360HRM and answer some burning questions.  

Listen to the training we did here- Ask me Anything

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