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Temporary Technical Staff at your Fingertips

March 1, 2022
Temporary Technical Staff at your Fingertips

Today we want to tell you about a service that we have been utilizing at our customers’ locations for over ten years. A hidden gem and one of our most successful deliveries in terms of services. In a nutshell, it is the provision of temporary technical staff at your fingertips. We call this service, ITRaaS (IT Resourcing as a Service).  

Who is 800-TECH Limited 


The service is most beneficial in instances where organizations have staff going off on vacation, sick leave, or even maternity leave. 800 TECH can provide a specialized technical resource to supplement your staffing gaps for varying lengths of time.  

Filling the staffing gap is not the only way IT RaaS can be complimentary. If your organization has to roll out a specific project and needs additional IT resources to meet deadlines, then IT RaaS is the perfect resource. Likewise, if your organization has an extensive change in infrastructure, such as changing computers or other hardware, having additional assistance can be very beneficial so that the core staff can remain focused and committed to the projects on hand.


Because of the pandemic, the thrust to work from home, and more specifically the digitization of many processes, organizations now more than ever have realized the need to increase their IT complement for varying periods to meet these changing demands.  

In cases where staff contracted COVID and were unable to work because of quarantine guidelines, it meant that there were gaps to be filled that did not leave the department or the organization vulnerable. 

IT RaaS was the best solution to these short-term or long-term challenges. With our list of clients, we made this resource available and were successful in assisting them in staying focused on their core functions and meeting their organizational deadlines. This on-demand technical support staff is offered on a contractual basis so organizations can choose either short-term or long-term contracts, as is needed.  


Our team at 800 TECH is equipped with the technical knowledge to work in many different industries, but beyond that, there are three major differentiators that we believe makes our team stand out: 

  1. Confidentiality  

We have a strong, reliable team that is serious about confidentiality. Confidentiality has been a focal point from the inception of offering this service. It is paramount to our success; therefore, we thoroughly vet our team members and make confidentiality a core component of their employment contract.   

This has allowed us to work seamlessly with many organizations providing supplemental IT support and in some cases function as their full IT department where necessary.  

  1. Commitment

Commitment to the project, commitment to the task, commitment to the client. Our team of specialists is very deadline-driven and thus committed to ensuring that we deliver on all of our deliverables. 

As a company, we are held accountable to these deadlines, and we pride ourselves on always being able to deliver.   

  1. Adaptability

Our 800-Tech staff has worked in multiple industries, from finance to retail, manufacturing, and engineering. This has allowed us to adapt to different environments and blend into the businesses either large-scale organizations or SMEs.  


To integrate technical support staff seamlessly into a company, we require a scope of services during the handing over period so we can understand the goal behind the deliverables. We spend time with the teams to understand the business culture and dynamics. This makes it easier for us to integrate. On completion, a similar handing over exercise is conducted to ensure deliverables are met and any additional information is communicated to the staff assuming responsibilities.  

Save Time and Money with ITRaaS 

How do you save time? How do you save money?  

  • No money is spent training new personnel to fulfill the roles. Because our team consists of a mix of specialist IT professionals, we provide an array of support. We can simply jump in and start work asap!  
  • The organizations can stay focused on their income-generating activities while our trained staff take care of the IT support they need.   

IT Resourcing as a Service is one of the major services provided by 800-TECH over the last few years. Is your company in need of supplemental IT support?

Contact us to discuss how we can seamlessly integrate into your company with IT RaaS.

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